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Introducing Traxidy. Project tracking software purpose-built for Project Managers like you. Save time, gain efficiency and increase project control and success.

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Traxidy Project Workspace
Automated RAID Log, Action & Task Tracking, Status Reporting

We’re making it easy for you to manage project activities and day-to-day priorities with automated project tracking tools including RAID log, Risk Register, Action and Task management, Issue log, key Decisions tracker, Status Reporting, Meeting Minutes, Project Changes, and High-Level Plans – all in one place. Save time and increase project control and success with Traxidy project tracking software for Project Managers and teams.

The Right Tools to Help Project Managers Optimize Project Success

Easily track and manage with automated RAID log, Risk Register, Action log and Issue log

Get priority alerts and notifications on due dates, team member updates and project status. 

Easily tailor real-time Project Status reports and Meeting Minutes. Collaborate on updates.

Collaborate, facilitate, manage and deliver expected outcomes. Learn and Improve.

Built for the Way
Project Managers Work

  • Easy-to-use project tracking software that automates and prioritizes information typically seen in a spreadsheet RAID log, Action log and Issue log. 
  • Streamlines your workday and removes the clutter of paper notebooks, documents, spreadsheets, and more.                                    
  • Supports the project plan with automated project tracking of Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions (RAID log) and proactive notifications.

  • Simplifies reporting and communication with real-time Project Status reports and Meeting Minutes.                                                                         
  • Project collaboration tools for project team engagement.                                                           
  • Works well with all project methodologies and alongside all planning and scheduling tools.

Nice Things People Say

Our commitment is to provide an easy-to-use Project Manager App for greater project control and success. Here’s what some of our clients say about us.

Save Time with an Automated Dashboard, RAID Log and Proactive Notifications

Traxidy online project tracking tools include the priorities project dashboard, productivity and project collaboration tools, proactive notifications, Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions (RAID log), Action log, Issue log, project Task management, key Decisions tracking, project status, searchable historical information on all updates, and more.

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Easily Collaborate, Facilitate
and Communicate

Let Traxidy project tracking software be your guide and personal assistant to facilitate project meetings, communicate clear visual priorities (red) and next best steps. Traxidy’s intuitive project tracking tools and team collaboration features make it easy to manage project Actions, Tasks, Issues, and Risk plans while ensuring Sponsors can view project status.

Simplified Risk Assessment, Risk Register and Project Change Management

Effectively assess and prioritize Project Risks with Traxidy’s simplified Risk assessment, up-to-date Risk Register and management tool. Monitor and control all project Changes with the Project Change Management log and Change Request Form template features.

Dot Pattern Traxidy Project Manager Risk Management Screen Project Changes Overview
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Tailored Project Status Reports Made Easy

With Traxidy’s integrated and automated project information, tracking tools and templates, it’s easy to create professional, tailored, real-time Project Status reports and Meeting Minutes. Automated RAID log, Risk Register, Issue log, Action and Task management, and key Decisions tracking will amaze stakeholders.

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