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Automated RAID logs & Action logs versus Spreadsheets

Automated RAID logs & Action logs versus Spreadsheets (Part 1)

Project RAID logs and Action logs are critical tools to help any Project Manager effectively manage the smaller but critical and often daily Actions supporting project work and schedule. Multiple forms, lists or spreadsheets used as a RAID log to track key information involving your project, does not measure up when automated project work tracking software is available.

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Your Project Change Management Should Never be a Surprise

The best time to confirm and/or challenge your assumptions is before the project gets underway. Project Managers need to take the time before any real project activity begins to clarify assumptions. You need to fully understand the way in which project changes will be handled for a specific project and for a specific Sponsor.

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Critical Steps to Handling Project Progress Reporting

How Project Managers handle the progress reporting of project work items from the team members, is crucial to project success and the relationships with the team members. To ensure the Project Manager is successful, we have some tips for managing and assessing the work item progress as reported from team members.

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Project Status Reports: Time Wasted or Time Well Spent?

You may have to use the same template you’ve always used, or you may have started to deliver a new report based on a new template for a new audience or client. Either way, the project status report should always be judged by the value of the information versus the amount of time you may have spent to produce the report.

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5 Tips to Simplify Project Risk Management

When you think about project risk management, there can be a seemingly endless number of possible risks to any project. From the small and minor to the large and scary. From the potential asteroid hitting to the people from a specific department being too busy doing their real job there is the possibility of a very long list. Here’s five tips to simplify project risk management for greater project success.

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Traxidy Project Managers Predict the Future

The Best Ways for Project Managers to Predict Project Success

What’s so hard about accurately predicting the future? Project Managers predict the future success of their project, all the time. Typically, Project Managers (PMs) have an audience with a number of people who are invested in the work and the output of the project and are keen to know the status and forecast for project success.

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