Tailored Project Portfolio Management Dashboards and Real-Time Status Views

Project Portfolio Management Dashboard and area views to any project. Automated, real-time visibility to priorities, status and key project indicators. Improve communication and efficiency and deliver on project and portfolio goals.

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Effectively Monitor All Projects and Status
with Automated Performance Tracking

Increase visibility with a unified and comprehensive Project Management Dashboard and area views. Easily focus on all or selective projects and priorities that need your attention. The Traxidy collaborative workspace enables Project Managers to administer controlled access to project offices, management groups, and key stakeholders

Get dynamic Project Portfolio management views to the highest priority projects. For each project, view real-time overall project status and details. Easily view a comprehensive status of project work including planned and unplanned activities and priorities, Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions (RAID), project Changes, key Constraints, and more.

Tailored Project Portfolio Management Dashboards
for Increased Visibility and Efficiency

Visibility to All Projects & Priority Performance Data

Traxidy provides visibility and insights across projects. See an overview of project priorities and performance data on key project indicators with a unified Project Management Dashboard. View real-time Project Status reports and current High-Level Plans.

Real-Time Performance & Status Reporting

Ensure teams are aligned across the business with real-time status reporting with GYR views of overall project status and constraints, Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions tracking (RAID log and Action log). Monitor the High-Level Plan for key deliverables and milestones.

Empowered, Collaborative Leaders & Teams

Project leaders can easily communicate the status of projects and provide personalized dashboard views of the portfolio execution work and status. Proactively manage, track and monitor performance trends and improve efficiency to deliver on plan.

Blue rectangle lady at laptop man at desk Man with glasses Traxidy Project Portfolio Dashboard

Visibility to All Projects' Performance, Priorities and Status

Get deeper insights with automated, real-time and unified views into project performance and project status updates with the Traxidy Project Portfolio Management Dashboard. View Constraints GYR status, key aspects of Project Status and High-Level Plan. Proactively monitor high-priority projects with increased transparency for greater project success.

  • Unified Project Portfolio Dashboard: Increase project focus with a tailored Project Portfolio Dashboard and real-time views to any specific set of projects for programs or portfolios. Get Reviewer Access, set and administered by Project Owners or Project Managers.
  • Dynamic Views: Stay current with each project. The project portfolio status overview enables management and sponsors to easily and proactively review specific details at a glance.
  • Global Projects Status Reporting: Project Management Dashboard and Project Status reporting across multiple and selective projects. View real-time, concise and comprehensive status updates for the project work supported by automated Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions tracking (RAID log, Action log, Issue log), project Changes, key Constraints, and more.
  • Project Office Collaboration: Select Reviewer Access for tailored, real-time Project Portfolio Dashboard of specific projects and the project areas including Project Information, Constraints GYR, Project Status, and the High-Level Plan.

Tailored Project Management Dashboards with Traxidy project tracking software for Project Managers, leaders and teams.