Automated Risk Register and
Simplified Risk Assessment

Set your Risk Threshold and easily assess, prioritize and track Risk response strategies. Collaborate and report on project Risks with Traxidy project tracking software, Risk Register and RAID log – for the way Project Managers work.

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Easily Record and Prioritize Risks with an
Automated Risk Register for Optimal Project Success

Every project has risks, threats and potential impacts. Assess, track, monitor and respond to priority Project Risks. Use the Project Risk Management area and Risk Register in Traxidy to easily facilitate risk discussions with team members. Identify gaps and learn about and record new risks while tracking risk response planning throughout the project.

The Risk Area and Risk Register works to ensure Project Managers are fully equipped with the right information. Clearly focus on the priority risks and collaborate with Risk Owners to have them independently update the Mitigation and Contingency plans.

See How Traxidy Simplifies Project Risk Assessment
and Automates RAID and Risk Management

Risk Facilitation, Mitigation & Contingency Plans

Traxidy's Project Risk Management area works as a Risk Register, guide and facilitation tool. Use it with your project team to record all of the risk details. Add owners of Risk Mitigation and Contingency plans, update and access historical data any time.

Simplified Risk Assessment & Priority Ranking

Simplify Project Risk assessment using a straight-forward Risk Probability and Impact scale to assess risks. Set the project Risk Threshold for the level or project risk you want to manage. Traxidy automatically applies a ranking and clearly shows priority risks.

Easily Collaborate, Manage & Report

Traxidy's Risk Register allows you to collaborate and provide individual Risk logs for Risk Owners to update risk response plans. Track and report on all top ranked priority risks. Access the RAID log/Risk log from your dashboard. Get notifications on updates.

Traxidy Project Manager App Risks Management Area Traxidy Project Manager App Project Risk Management Overview Chart Blue rectangle Traxidy Project Manager App Project Risk Management Details lady arms crossed Man with glasses

Risk Assessment, Risk Register
and Risk Management Area.
Organized and Prioritized.

The Traxidy project Risk management area empowers Project Managers to take a continuous view of Risks across the project timeframe. This Risk Area helps make it easier to log, track, manage, and report on all potential Risks and capture Mitigation and Contingency plans. Use the Risk management area, RAID log and Risk register to assess, rank and identify priority Risks and get notifications on updates and status.

  • Assess, Rank and Prioritize Risks: Simplified Risk Assessment using Probability and Impact to rank priority Risks. Continually track and monitor open risks with the Risk register to ensure proper Risk response planning and a better outcome for the project.
  • Better Manage Risks: Enable personal Risk logs for Risk Owners to collaborate, access and update the Risk planning on their own time. Get proactive notifications on project team updates.
  • Keep Stakeholders Informed: Record, respond and report on all potential Project Risks quickly for increased efficiency and communication.

Simplify Project Risk assessment and management with Traxidy’s automated RAID log, Risk register and Action log.