The Project Management Work Tracking Software for Project Managers

Traxidy project tracking and task management tools make it easier to manage Risks, Actions and Tasks, Issues, and Decisions (RAID log) with automated tracking, priority notifications, collaboration tools, status reports, and more. Replace your spreadsheets, increase efficiency, gain project control and stay on track.

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Easily Manage Project Work with Automated
RAID logs, Action logs, Notifications and Status Reports

The Traxidy online project tracking app is expressly built for Project Managers, project leaders and team members to help increase project control. Replace any spreadsheet RAID log or Action log with specialized and automated project tracking tools that make it easier to organize, manage, collaborate and report on project Risks, Actions and Tasks, Issues, Decisions, Priorities, Changes, and Status. 

Traxidy Project Workspace and
Project Tracking, Management and Reporting Tools

Your Next Project is a Click Away

Start your project with a single click. Prepare the easy-to-use Traxidy spreadsheet template and have your actions, tasks, team members, due dates, known risks, and an automatically completed Gantt chart ready to go with a simple upload.

Use other plans, insert the tasks and timing into the template, and be ready to start to control your project in minutes. Check out the short video to see how.

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The Project Workspace
Easy-to-Use, Automated,
and Flexible

Traxidy provides an intuitive project workspace with project task management tools specialized for daily project work, priority items that support the project plan, greater visibility, and increased project control. 

  • Save time and communicate easily with a project dashboard, RAID log, Action log and Risk Register.
  • Stay on track with automated updates, visual priorities, alerts, proactive notifications, and more.
  • Flexibility for all project types and sizes from small to large, varied and complex.

Project and Portfolio Dashboards Tracking Priorities and Status

The Project Dashboard and Project Management Dashboard helps you better manage and communicate project work, information and status across multiple projects to deliver on project and portfolio goals.

  • Get real-time alerts and proactive notifications. 
  • Monitor project status, priorities (red) and next best steps.
  • Drill down to more details with interactive visual charts.
Dots Traxidy Project Manager Dashboard Project Status
Dots AID Details Traxidy Action Items Tracking Chart

Action Log: Action and Task Management, Issue Log and Key Decisions Tracker

Increase project control and easily record, track, collaborate and manage project Actions, Issues and Decisions (AID log) including details, owners, due dates, status, updates and more.

  • Project Action and Task log to easily record, with registers, templates, automated updates and reports.
  • Track and manage progress, priorities (red) and next best steps.
  • Collaborate with project team members and Action and Task Owners.

Simplified Project Risk Assessment and Risk Register

Quickly assess, prioritize and report on Project Risks with Traxidy Risk Assessment, Risk register and project risk management area and Mitigation Plan tools.

  • Project Risk register to easily assess, track and manage priority Risks.
  • Collaborate with Risk Owners on contingency and mitigation plans.
  • Update stakeholders with automated Project Status Reports and project Risk register overview.
Dots Traxid Project Risk Management Risks Chart
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Collaborate with Team
and Monitor Engagement

Increase project team collaboration and engagement with Traxidy’s project collaboration tools and access types including Contributor and Reviewer.

  • Flexible project collaboration options with multiple access types and views.
  • Automated updates and notifications to help optimize visibility.
  • Save time and get RAID log, Actions, Tasks and work activity updates faster.

Real-Time Project Status Reports & Meeting Minutes
in Minutes

Save time with Traxidy’s professional, real-time and tailored Project Status reports with automated updates and Meeting Minutes that will amaze stakeholders.

  • Easily create and send tailored Project Status reports and project team Meeting Minutes.
  • Report overall project status updates, trends, constraints and the High-Level Plan.
  • Customize and use the Presentation Mode for Project Status reports in meetings.
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Dots Traxidy Project Manager App Project Change Management Change Chart

Project Change Management and Change Requests

Manage through project changes with Traxidy’s project Change Management tracking and reporting.

  • Easily record, manage and report all potential Project Change Requests.
  • Project Change Management log from investigation to approval.
  • Track and report project changes, financial and schedule impact and status.
Work more efficiently and gain project control with Traxidy project tracking software.