At Traxidy, We Provide Easy-to-Use
Project Tracking Software
To Increase Project Success

For every Project Manager, leader and team. Save time and achieve more.

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Our Company

Our company started with a simple idea – to help Project Managers, leaders and teams to be more successful in their role. We go beyond Gantt charts to enable Project Managers to effectively manage real, day-to-day project work for greater project success and better results.

Developed based on years of project management and executive leadership experience, Traxidy project tracking software is purpose-built for Project Managers and supports the project plan. Traxidy is super flexible and complements any delivery methodology and project management platform.

Traxidy makes it easier to manage project work with all of your project information in one place and automated tracking of project Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues, Decisions (RAID log), unplanned work and priorities. Effectively manage project changes and report real-time project status. 

Our Approach

We started Traxidy to give Project Managers a new way to manage the daily project work, lead project teams more effectively and with greater project success. We know what it takes to work with project teams, manage a constant stream of information, add value, and exceed stakeholder expectations. We are passionate about the role of the Project Manager, helping to successfully manage projects and achieve better business results.

We're Helping Project Managers to
Save Time, Manage Easier and Deliver on Project Goals

Easy-To-Use, Automated Project Workspace & Assistant

Traxidy project tracking software and task management tools replace any spreadsheet RAID log or Action log, with automated tracking tools to manage and report on project Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions, Project progress and status.

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Simplify, Prioritize, Collaborate & Report on Project Work

Increase productivity with our online project tracking app. A better way to organize, prioritize and collaborate on project work with automated project work tracking tools. Communicate easily with stunning Project Status reports and get better results.

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Flexibility for All Project Types, Sizes, Platforms & Methodologies

Traxidy uses software as a service (SaaS) business model with flexibility for multiple projects and collaboration with any number of team members. It pairs with any project platform and methodology, whether Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid. Easy access online, anytime.

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Our Boffin Team

We work with a select group of Boffins, valued professionals who offer their real-world experience and expertise. Our Boffin Team is a varied group of trusted advisors with exceptional skills across project management and business operations to help us take Traxidy to the next level.


Traxidy is here to help you deliver the best possible outcomes. We are constantly listening to our Traxidy Members and innovating to empower and help Project Managers, project leaders and teams be more successful for better project results and impact.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

Steve McBroom
Founder | Traxidy
Steve McBroom Founder and CEO of Traxidy
Discover how Traxidy project tracking software is helping optimize efficiency, increase project success and deliver on project goals.