Project Dashboard and
Status with Priority Focus

Project Dashboard with clear priorities and quick focus for your next best steps. 
Traxidy project tracking software for Project Managers – fits the way you work.

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Optimize Project Performance and Priorities Tracking
with Your Project Dashboard

Clear Priorities, Progress & Next Best Steps

The Project Status Dashboard is easy to navigate and view project progress and priorities. Track all projects and key metrics with real-time automated updates and consolidated data. Alerts and proactive notifications help you to focus on project priorities.

Visual, Interactive Charts & More Details

A visual status dashboard with performance indicators, interactive charts for projects areas like project Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues, Decisions (RAID log, Action log), Status, Changes and more. Drill down for direct access to the project area and more details.

Automated Status Views Across Multiple Projects

Monitor multiple projects and key metrics at the same time in one automated dashboard view. Establish key stakeholders as Reviewers and collaborate and share the Dashboard to enhance alignment with team members and increase efficiency.

View All Your Project Work Priorities and Save Time

Start your day here. The Traxidy Project Status Dashboard is your performance Dashboard and management tool. Get automated tracking and a visual display of project key performance indicators (KPI) and critical data across multiple projects. A visual dashboard of priorities.

Project Manager Dashboard Chart Traxidy Project Manager App Dashboard Project Manager Dashboard Projects Status Blue rectangle Man at Desk

Project Dashboard for a More Efficient Way to Work

The Traxidy Project Status Dashboard enables Project Managers to gain visibility and project control. Easily focus, visualize and manage project priorities, performance, progress and next-best steps across all projects.

  • Clearly View and Manage: Project Risks, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions (RAID log, Action log), Project Changes, key Constraints, Project Status, and more.
  • Quickly Drill Down: Access the next level of details with visual and interactive charts, click to see more details.
  • Automated Updates: Interconnected data helps increase efficiency in your daily project work and activities.
  • Easily Communicate: Share project status, progress and access more details as needed.
Clearly focus on project priorities and next best steps with Traxidy project work tracking software and project dashboard for Project Managers.