Easily Manage Project Changes from Investigation to Implementation

Record, track, manage and report on all potential Project Changes from investigation to approval and the budget and schedule impacts with Traxidy project tracking software and automated Project Change log. 

Practical Project Change Management Process
for Project Success

The Traxidy project Change management area provides Project Managers with a practical approach to change control management. Get one place to easily record, monitor, manage and report on all of the potential Project Changes and impacts to the project plan. Whether your organization follows a structured or unstructured project change control process, let Traxidy be your guide. Keep your project on track with easy-to-use tools and a flexible workflow, Change Request (CR) Forms and dynamic and automated Change log tracking to manage Project Changes at each stage of the change process

Effective Project Change Control for Greater Alignment

Project Change Log to Easily Record & Track Progress

Easily record and track all potential project changes in one place. The Project Change log provides a clear record of all project changes with status, details, history, impacts, progress, and more. Track changes and impact by CR status, Investigating, Submitted, Approved and Declined.

Project Change Requests
& Impact Reporting

Change Request tracking with automated updates all roll up to the Project Status area for a concise view of changes and financial and schedule impacts. View, update and report on Project Changes from the Project Status area for improved change control management.

Communicate Project Changes & Gain Alignment

Effectively communicate Change Requests in project management. Ensure project team members and stakeholders are aligned and have all the details and information for a full understanding of the Project Changes and the impact on budgets and timelines.

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Monitor, Manage and Report on Project Changes

Stay organized with all Project Changes recorded and tracked in one place. With the Traxidy project change management area you can easily monitor and clearly view change status, access details, and update change progress. Use the Changes area for your change control management. Engage project team members to determine and track the specific impacts to the budget and timeline.

  • Project Change Log: Easily record all potential Project Changes and key details and monitor and track the financial and schedule impact and progress of each change.
  • Change Request Forms: Simplify change request in project management process with easy-to-use project Change Request Form templates and tracking.
  • Keep Stakeholders Aligned: Clearly communicate all potential Project Changes and impact on the project with all changes and information in one place.
  • Report on Project Changes: Increase visibility and report on Project Changes with automated updates and roll up to the Project Status reports for each stage, Investigating, Submitted, Approved, and Declined.
Easily track and manage Project Changes with Traxidy project tracking software for Project Managers.