Tailored and Automated Real-Time Project Status Reports

Easily create tailored, real-time, professional, and clear Project Status Reports in minutes with Traxidy project tracking software.

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Get Automated and Professional Project Status Reports
with Less Effort and Amaze Stakeholders

Concise & Automated Project Status Reports

Automated Status updates flow from all of the information gathered. Review with smart templates, automated updates and filters to select specific Project Areas. Add details like next steps and team accomplishments.

Tailor & Visualize with Green, Yellow, Red

Customize Project Management Status updates and presentations for different stakeholders. Share Project Constraints and Status as Green, Yellow, Red (GYR) and view the trend over the project timeframe.

Easily Communicate & Share Project Status

Show the Project Status report in presentation view. Communicate real-time and historical project status, drill down to more details with interactive charts and support results with the High-Level Plan

Traxidy Project Manager App Project High-Level Plan Blue rectangle Traxidy Project Manager App Project Status Report Screen Traxidy Project Manager App Project Constraints GYR Team Meeting

Instant Real-Time and Historical Project Status Reports

Real-time information. No need to spend hours trying to find and put together the latest information for a Project Status update. With Traxidy's automated project tracking software, you can share tailored, professional and timely Status reports with key stakeholders. Access and review previous, historical project management Status reports anytime.

  • Intuitive Templates and Interactive Charts: Automated status updates and easy-to-use templates, with interactive charts. Click any Project Area chart to drill down to more details.
  • Create and Tailor: Produce and tailor consistent and useful project management Status reports and focus on areas that matter most to stakeholders. Send the Project Status report or present the update in a meeting.
  • Real-Time and Historical Project Management Status Reports: Easily access and view real-time current project status updates and previous status reports at the click of a button. Always there when you need them.
  • Collaborate and Communicate: Collaborate with stakeholders and grant Reviewer access to the Project Status area. Clearly communicate Project Status updates, drill down to more details and add the Project High-Level Plan for greater context.
Create and share stunning Project Status Reports in minutes with Traxidy project tracking software for Project Managers.

No credit card required.