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for Project Managers

Traxidy online project tracking software for Project Managers simplifies, automates and prioritizes the project work that is normally found in a RAID log, Action log, Issue log and Risk Register, while generating real-time status reports – and helping you save time.

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Why Project Managers Choose Traxidy
Project Tracking Software

Traxidy online project tracking software is uniquely designed for Project Managersby Project Managers to help you stay organized, control priorities, save time and optimize results. Traxidy simplifies project task management with automated project tracking and RAID project management tools to support the project plan for any type of project process and methodology and greater project success.

  • Automated tracking of Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions (RAID log, Action log, Issue log) and proactive notifications
  • Project collaboration tools and easier facilitation of team meetings with visual priorities and next best steps
  • Simplified Project Risk assessment, Risk Register and Project Change Management 
  • Tailored, real-time Project Status reporting, Meeting Minutes, and more

Track Your Project Information Better.
Manage Smarter. Keep Control.

Organize, prioritize and report on all your project work, unplanned activities, Actions, Tasks and information with Traxidy project tracking software.

Boost Your Productivity

Get all of your project work details like Risks, Actions and Tasks, Issues, Decisions (RAID log), unplanned work and priorities organized, visualized and integrated in one easy-to-use project tracking app.

Increase Project Control

Easily manage and increase project control with your project dashboard, Action and Task management tools, RAID log, Issue log, proactive alerts and notifications.

Impress Your Sponsor

Review and share real-time and historical automated, best-in-class tailored Project Status reports and Meeting Minutes, in minutes. Make an impact and amaze your key stakeholders.

RAID Project Management
Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions - Together In One Place

Traxidy tracks all of your project work and information that supports the project plan in an easy-to-use online project tracking app. The RAID project management tools help increase project control of all the smaller unscheduled work that needs to be managed to support your schedule. Increase efficiency, manage your work day better and share stunning Project Status updates in minutes.

Specialized for Project Managers

Made for Project Managers by Project Managers. Our team knows the work involved and has over 25 years of project management experience and expertise across multiple industries.

Organized, Prioritized & Automated

Save time with a workspace that automates and prioritizes the tracking and reporting of Risks, Actions, Issues Decisions (RAID log and Action log). Get alerts, notifications and stay on track.

Easy to Use & Super Flexible

Control and prioritize project work with Traxidy project tracking software for any type of project, methodology and process. Get started in minutes and at any point in the project lifecycle.

Team Collaboration & Engagement

Easily collaborate, communicate and engage with project team members, in-office, contract or remote, get fast responses and automatically track team member updates.

Move Beyond Spreadsheets with
Automated Project Tracking Tools

Keep your task scheduling and resource planning tools. Traxidy works alongside them. Start your day and work anywhere, on any device with Traxidy, a secure online project tracking app and project workspace. Automate your RAID log, Action log, Issue log and information. Easily track, prioritize and report on project work activities, Risks, Actions and Tasks, Issues, and Decisions, Project Status, Changes, and more.

Project Team Collaboration
Connect with Team Collaboration Tools

Give team members collaboration access to update their own work in Traxidy, on their schedule. You get an update notification instantly and save time.

Track Action Items
Track and Prioritize Project Work from Project Meetings

Keep Traxidy open in all your meetings. Easily record, prioritize and update work activities, Actions and Tasks, add details, owners, due dates and more. Any Risks discussed? Decisions made?
Record them too.

Real-time Status Reports
Create Real-time Status Reports in Minutes

Traxidy presents tailored Project Status reports and Meeting Minutes in multiple best-in-class visual charts and reports. Ready to send in minutes after your meeting.

Manage Risks and Changes
Manage Risk Register & Changes, Learn & Improve

Track, manage and report on Risks, key Constraints, and project Changes for greater project control. Traxidy helps you record Project Learnings as you go.

Traxidy Project Manager App Blue rectangle Man with laptop

The Right Project Tracking Tools and Task Management for
Project Managers

Tracking and management of project Actions, Tasks and Issues that involve work outside the plan but are critical to manage for project success – is time consuming and prone to errors without the proper software and tools. Go beyond the RAID log or Action log spreadsheets, forms, notebooks and more. Use Traxidy project tracking software for increased efficiency and project success.

  • Track, Prioritize and Collaborate: Track, prioritize and collaborate on project activities with RAID project management and team project collaboration tools. Monitor Constraints, Project Changes and overall Project Status.
  • Easily Facilitate Project Team Meetings: Easily facilitate project team meetings, collaborate with Action and Task Owners and record lessons learned.
  • Tailored Project Status Reports and Meeting Minutes: Communicate and present results with Key Stakeholders. Create real-time reports including Meeting Minutes and Project Status.
  • Help and Tips: Help and tips to guide, learn and improve.
Save time and amaze your stakeholders with Traxidy project tracking software for Project Managers, leaders and teams.

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