Action and Task Management
and Reporting - Made Easy

Keep your project on plan, budget, and schedule – effortlessly in one easy-to-use app.

Track actions, owners, due dates, key decisions, and Issues… and set up your team to do the same.

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Stay on Track with Automated Task Management Tools
Action and Task Tracking and Reporting

Automated Action Task Tracking & Issue Log

Intuitive workspace, task management tools , RAID log, automated Action tracking, Issue log and key Decisions tracking, makes it easy to stay on track. Focus easily with automated due date tracking, clarity of priority work and status. Access historical updates any time.

Team & Sponsor Collaboration Tools

Provide team members with a personalized dashboard to enable Action Task Owners to update their specific Action Task, due date, information and progress, anytime. You receive instant notifications on all updates. Give your sponsors or clients Reviewer Access to view real-time status reports.

Easy Communication & Reporting

Easily communicate with visual, interactive charts and automated real-time reports like Project Status reports, and Meeting Minutes. Tailor, share and send reports on all project work with project task management updates, RAID log, Action log, Issues log and key Decisions.

Traxidy Project Manager App Action Items Tracking Overview Chart Traxidy Project Manager App Action Items Tracking & Decisions Screen Blue rectangle Lady at desk Man with laptop Traxidy Project Manager App Action Item Notification

Automated Project Task Management and Action Tracking That Supports the Project Plan

Drop the notebooks, spreadsheets and forms. Traxidy provides automated Action tracking and project Task management software that organizes and integrates all of your project information in one place. Gain project control and manage project work activities, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions (RAID log, Action log, Issue log) that support the project plan. Collaborate with work item and Action Task Owners and sponsors to manage and report on all your project work with greater efficiency and increased team engagement.

  • Project Actions, Tasks and Issues Tracking: Easy-to-use productivity tools and automated task management tools to manage Action Task priorities, due dates, updates, progress, Issue log to clarify project Issues, project Status, and more.
  • Organized and Visualized: Focus quickly with Action Task tracking for work groups and an Issue log with Issues tracked and seamlessly organized, prioritized and integrated across all Traxidy areas.
  • Team Collaboration: Control project team member access and provide personal Action Task logs and personalized dashboards. Set collaboration Reviewer Access for sponsors. Get updates faster and stay on track with automated Action Task updates, alerts and proactive notifications.
  • Decisions Tracking: Easily and visually track both current and historical key Decisions made that impact the project plan. Track by date across the project timeframe.
  • Automated Reporting: Communicate easily with timely and automated Project Status Reports and Meeting Minutes showing the latest project work activities, Actions, Tasks, Issues and Decisions (RAID log, Action log, Issue log).
Get automated Project task management tools and reporting with Traxidy project tracking software.