Save Time With Traxidy
Easy-To-Use Project Manager Workspace

Traxidy provides an easy-to-use workspace for every Project Manager and organization. The online application simplifies, automates and prioritizes the day-to-day project work tracking and reporting – alongside the project plan, for better results.

Save time and increase success with an intuitive workspace to track, manage, collaborate and report on all Unplanned Activities, Issues, Action Items, Priorities, Risks, Project Status, Changes, and more. 


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Traxidy is for Every Project Manager and Organization

That Needs to Keep Track of Project Priorities, Unplanned Work Items, Issues,
Action Updates, Next Best Steps, Project Status, Risks, Changes, and More

Track unplanned work, issues, action items, due dates and next steps automatically

See all project priorities and real-time updates at a glance

Access historical updates and changes at your fingertips

Easily assess and manage Risks, Constraints and Changes

Receive email notifications for project and team work updates

Collaborate with team members and get updates faster

Quickly create real-time Project Status Reports and Meeting Minutes

Drop the paper notebooks and multiple spreadsheets. Get automated and prioritized updates, notifications and reporting on all of the planned and unplanned project work  activities that you need to manage for project success.

Project Workspace and Assistant to Help Keep Your Projects On Track

  • All Projects Dashboard with Key Project Indicators, priorities, status and interactive charts
  • Project Workspace and online  information tracker for Project Issues, Action Items and Decisions
  • Easily assess and manage Risks, Constraints and Changes
  • Collaborate with Project Team Members
  • Create, customize and send real-time Project Status Reports, updates and Meeting Minutes
  • High-Level Plan and Learn and Improve
  • Project data and information is safe and secure
Traxidy Personal Project Management Dashboard screen

The Traxidy Difference

For Every Project Manager
and Organization

Project Manager App to keep projects on track. Easy-to-use project tracking online software with automation tools to track, manage, collaborate and report on unplanned activities, Issues, Action Items, Priorities, Risks, Status, and more.

Designed for
Project Success

All the right tools and capabilities to help you stay organized, save time and optimize results. Get rid of the paper notebooks, multiple spreadsheets, documents and more. Get started in minutes, at any point in your project.

Easy-to-Use Web App
and Super Flexible

Intuitive workspace that's super flexible for multiple projects. An online application for Project Managers that works alongside any project platform and methodology to save time. Easy access online, anytime.

Discover how the Traxidy is helping Project Managers save time and increase project success.

No credit card required.