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The Art of Mastering Project Surprises: Easy Strategies fo...

In this post, we will review the importance of working through project issues and the associated unplanned project tasks, as they arise, and provide effective

3 Leading Indicators That Your Project is in Trouble

Monitoring key project metrics and trends can provide you with a clear view of the project road ahead and whether your project is under control,

4 ways for project managers to be more successful in 2023
2023 Trends: 4 Ways for Project Managers to be More Succes...

2023 Trends: 4 Ways for Project Managers to be More Successful By: Steve McBroom, CEO, Traxidy Organizations increasingly continue to rely on project-based work to

Go Solo Magazine Interviews Traxidy CEO

Go Solo Magazine Interviews Traxidy CEO Go Solo Magazine Article September 28, 2022 Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in business development but unsure

Automated RAID logs & Action logs versus Spreadsheets
Automated RAID logs & Action logs versus Spreadsheets...

Project RAID logs and Action logs are critical tools to help any Project Manager effectively manage the smaller but critical and often daily Actions supporting

Critical Steps to Handling Project Progress Reporting

How Project Managers handle the progress reporting of project work items from the team members, is crucial to project success and the relationships with the

5 Tips to Simplify Project Risk Management

When you think about project risk management, there can be a seemingly endless number of possible risks to any project. From the small and minor

Traxidy Project Status Meetings
How to Get the Best Results from Project Team Meetings

The Project Manager doesn’t work alone. One way you can be more successful working with your team, is to make the best use of everyone’s

Traxidy Project Managers Predict the Future
The Best Ways for Project Managers to Predict Project Succ...

What’s so hard about accurately predicting the future? Project Managers predict the future success of their project, all the time. Typically, Project Managers (PMs) have

5 Questions Every PM Should be Prepared For
3 Questions Project Managers Need to Prepare for in Projec...

Here are some of the tough questions we’ve encountered from our Project Sponsors during project status update meetings and ways you can be prepared to